16 channel datalogger with programmable inputs

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  • Tuote nro: MS6D
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Device enables:

  • to measure and process 1 to 16 input signals
  • to acquire autonomous time record of measured values
  • create alarm states
  • to perform other actions based on created alarms (audible, visual indication, controlling of relay outputs, sending SMS message, controlling of telephone dialer, sending of messages via several protocols of the Ethernet interface etc.)
  • to monitor on-line measured values and states
  • independent hysteresis setting, delay (for each channel separately)
  • setting up to four alarm conditions (for each channel separately)

Common connectivity options:

Monitoring system MS may be configured for almost any desired measurement application. Sensors can be wired to datalogger in star-like connection as well as in serial. Combination of both is also possible. The monitoring system MS is characterized by a wide range of communication interfaces such as the RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet and GSM or GPRS modem. Thanks to Wi-Fi routers several measuring systems MS can be wirelessly connected to a network.


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